An extension for inkscape, textext, have been released by Pauli Virtanen. The textext is a great work because we can re-edit a LeTeX formatted object on the Inkscape canvas.

Hence I recommend textext to persons who want to use LaTeX expressions on Inkscape.

Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics editor. The InkLaTeX extension allows you to insert LaTeX text or equations into Inkscape canvas as graphics objects.

The main purpose is to make easier putting beautiful mathematical symbols and equations on current figure that will be included into a LaTeX document.

What is this?


InkLaTeX is used to create a new object formatted by LaTeX.

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Import a text file that includes LaTeX texts or equations.
  2. Transform texts on Inkscape canvas.

This extension is work on UNIX-based OS (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) only.


This extension requires the following software:


Latest version of InkLaTeX


The extension consists of four files:

The first and second files are used for importing LaTeX text, and the last two files for transforming texts on canvas to LaTeX formatted objects.

Copy these files to a directory where contains inkscape extensions. This will be:

Please check permissions of and if they are executable. If not, execute the next command.

% chmod +x


Importing LaTeX file

Prepare a text file that includes LaTeX text. For example,

   % echo '$$\sum_{k=0}{n} k = \frac{n(n-1)}{2}$$' > foo.tex

The extension of this file must be '.tex'.

Select "File > Import" from menu (or press Control-I). This opens a dialog to select file to be imported. Then choose "LaTeX File (*.tex)" from filetype list, and select the prepared file ("foo.tex" in the above example).

The imported file is formatted by LaTeX and displayed on canvas. The generated text is a grouped object consists of some paths.

Transforming text on Inkscape

First you must set up to enable inkscape effects. To do this:

Write a LaTeX text, symbol, or equation on Text Tool on canvas.

Select the LaTeX text(s), and select "Effects > LaTeX Text" item. This opens a dialog to specify three items:

Press OK button, then the selected texts will be formatted by LaTeX and new objects are generated on canvas. These objects are groups consists of paths.


Please send me Comments, Bug reports, or Suggestions: arakit[atmark]

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